DoraSan Test is used in choosing the right profession. Counseling is thus offered by DoraSan certified psychologist in schools, colleges, universities and even in employment exchanges.

Human life is full of struggle these days. People have to face stiff competition everywhere. Educated people to suffer from unemployment. Everywhere there is a problem of either choosing the wrong profession or unemployment which leads to struggle and stress. Most of these people do not know their potentials and so cannot decide what they can do better. Such people opt for wrong professions which are unsuitable to them and therefore have a setback in the long run. Therefore, DoraSan, counselors and psychologists in the developing countries offer guidance to people. Right profession for people (profession selection) and the right people for the right work (personnel selection) are also decided with the help of DoraSan Test. Interruptions and problems coming up in professions are also resolved through DoraSan Test. Apart from professional guidance, DoraSan helps solve personal, family and relational problems too. People need this kind of guidance frequently.

DoraSanTest helps in bringing expected improvements in oneself and in the behavior of others in the family and can thus progress life. Thus DoraSanTM gives leadership, supervision, direction, for future actions.