Evolution Of DoraSan Test


Dr. Harold Cummins The father of ‘Dermatoglyphics’

He has done a scientific study of skin ridge patterns found on the palms of human hands.


Dr. William Marston psychologist

He was a psychologist and an anthropologist who after studying thousands of human behaviors and their personalities developed the concept of DISC profile


Canadian Neurosurgeon Professor Penfield

He published a paper “Cross-sectional diagram of brain in relation with various parts of body” which indicates close relation between fingerprints & cerebrum.


Dr. Howard Gardner Scientist, Psychologist and Educationist

Gardner is best known in educational circles for his “Theory of Multiple intelligence” which has been widely accepted by science all over the world.


DoraSan Test

Our research team has aligned all the theories & studies and developed tools with the help of advance technology. This test has been used worldwide for understanding the inborn talent and potential of an individual.