DoraSan Test is very comprehensive and has many dimensions. Its basic aim is to help the individual attain his full personal, social, professional, cultural and spiritual development.

Every aspect of a person’s complex personality pattern constitutes a significant factor of his total displayed attitudes and forms of behavior. DoraSan Test is aimed at bringing all-round development of the individual.

Although all human beings are similar in many respects, an individual difference must be recognized and considered in any efforts aimed at providing help to a particular child, adolescent, or adult. The function of DoraSan Test is to help a person formulate and accept stimulating, worthwhile and attainable goals of his affairs.

Existing social, economic and political unrest is giving rise to many mal-adjusting individuals with a problem that requires the co-operation of experienced and thoroughly trained DoraSan Counselors.

DoraSan Test is flexible according to individual and community needs.